Where The People You Play Matter
As Much As The Games Themselves

Overdog helps you game with people who share your same interests in sports, music, movies, and more.

Instead of gaming with anonymous people in your favorite games (Assassin's Creed, Call of Duty, and Madden to name a few), wouldn't you rather game with people you have something in common with? Stop letting the console tell you who to play with. Game with people who feel like friends.

Overdog is currently available in the Xbox One app store. Coming soon to other platforms.

Introducing The Profile Your
Gaming Experience Has Been Missing

Match With People Like You

Connect your virtual self with your real-life interests by liking your favorite teams, music, movies, and more to your Overdog profile. It's fast and easy to set up.

The more topics you add to your profile, the better the matches that Overdog suggests.

How It Works

Like Your Favorite Topics

Navigate through the app and easily add your favorite teams, music, movies, and television shows.

Match with Someone Awesome

Overdog will suggest other people who share your interests. You'll see how closely you're matched and what they like.

Go Play!

Connect with other Overdog users and decide if you want to play now or add them as a friend for later.

Now available for download on the Xbox One

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