Meet the Team

Meet the lean, mean fighting machine behind OverDog!

Steve Berneman

Co-Founder / CEO

Steve is our CEO and a Co-Founder of OverDog. With nearly 10 years of experience working in start-ups and sports, Steve spends most of his days 1) focused on OverDog’s Game-Changing Experience, 2) getting out of the way of the amazing OverDog team, and 3) trying to convince us that baseball is still America’s National Pastime. Steve is also OverDog’s General Counsel, which means that he’s responsible for all of our contracts and comma placements.

Steve used to have to wear a suit to work – we think that’s why he keeps this picture on his LinkedIn profile. Steve holds his BA from Princeton University and his JD/MBA from Vanderbilt University. He lives in Nashville with his wife and their two dogs.

Hunter Hillenmeyer

Co-Founder / President

Hunter serves as President and Co-Founder of OverDog. He played eight seasons for the Chicago Bears, during five of which he served as a Board Member for the NFLPA. In addition to his role as Office Linebacker, Hunter manages the athlete user experience and serves as de facto CMO. Hunter remains adamant that losing 30 pounds and trading in his southern shag haircut for a more manageable mop has nothing to do with his desire to look the part of a start-up co-founder.

Now in his second VC-funded start-up, Hunter still refuses to change out his “fat crocodile dundee” LinkedIn photo. He received his BA from Vanderbilt University and MBA from Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management. He lives in the suburbs of Chicago with his wife Shannon and daughters Harper and Brynn.

Thomas Bernstein

Chief Product Officer

Thomas serves as OverDog’s Chief Product Officer tasked with overseeing product, project, and agile scrum management efforts for the company. Prior to joining Overdog, Thomas worked for two large companies – Accenture and American Express – before arriving in start-up land with edo Interactive, another Nashville-based, venture-backed business. At edo, Thomas managed a range of functions including product management and design, product marketing, and various product-related business development efforts.

Thomas received his BS from Cornell University and MBA from Vanderbilt University. He currently lives in Nashville with his wife Betsy, two dogs Cullie and Annabelle, and kitten Little Buddy.

Brian Corrigan

Lead Engineer | Founder of MadGlory

Brian has nearly two decades of experience building, architecting, and operating large software properties in the entertainment space. After interacting with hundreds of millions of players, earning billions of dollars in revenue and working with all kinds of different people Brian still loves nothing more than creating cool things with like-minded people. Brian speaks a bit. He writes a bit. He code a lot. Brian is passionate about high-performance teams and talented individuals, dislikes needless bureaucracy, and love designs. He loves shipping products.

Specialties: Systems Architecture, Javascript & NodeJS, Ruby on Rails, PHP, Data Center Operations, Open Source Evangelist, Database Development, *Nix.

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